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Good Boy Jack

We have begun work on "Good Boy Jack" it is a simple story about an old lady telling the story of her good little boy named Jack.  It will be a 3D short which we hope to have finished in about 8-10 months.  The story is pretty much nailed down, we are just flushing out some of the dialogue.  This is a project we are taking on at school for our senior year.
Coming together on the project has been a struggle at times, but I am excited for where the project is headed.  We are hoping to have an Animatic done and ready to show some people when we go down to LA next week for siggraph.


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Logo Design

I started working on some Contests.  It's been good to push me to create some work within a somewhat restricted space.  Also helping me keep the creative juices flowing.  This is a design I did for Philippe Diamonds.  It was rejected.  I like it though, so I thought I would share. I have worked on a bunch of others, either they aren't done yet, or I don't fully endorse the design.

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