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Nickleodean Studios

Just got back from California,  we were able to pitch our story idea and animatic to both Glenn Harmon of Sony and Mark Walton of Dreamworks.  They both really liked where we are going with the story, and gave us some good feedback on what can be improved and also what areas should be more clearer.  With this we are really looking forward to developing the project and getting going.


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Logo Design

I started working on some Contests.  It's been good to push me to create some work within a somewhat restricted space.  Also helping me keep the creative juices flowing.  This is a design I did for Philippe Diamonds.  It was rejected.  I like it though, so I thought I would share.
I have worked on a bunch of others, either they aren't done yet, or I don't fully endorse the design.

Mitt Romney Poster

Trying to again stay productive, and get more work out there and into my portfolio.  Did a quick Poster of Mitt Romney.
I am not necessarily Endorsing him, but  wanted to do someone who was relevant to the times.